ELA & Math - Mar.30-Apr.3 | Tuba City Unified School District #15

ELA & Math – Mar.30-Apr.3

5th Grade ELA supplemental online activities: 

  • Monday & Tuesday: March 30 & 31

BrainPop: Watch the NEW & TRENDING icon (box/tab) and click to open videos and lessons.  Click on the icon that’s entitled: Coronavirus and complete the lessons- MOVIE, QUIZ, CHALLENGE, Complete the RELATED READING, complete the WORKSHEETS, complete the GRAPHIC ORGANIZER, complete the VOCABULARY, and play the assessment GAMES (if you can download them).

  • Wednesday & Thursday: April 1 & 2

Study Island: Go to your ELA Review assignments. Your goal is 80% or higher on practice assignments

  • Friday: April 3

HeadSprout: Continue with your Early Reading & Reading Comprehension Lessons
MyOn: Continue reading your online books

5th Grade Math supplemental online activities: Mon-Fri

BrainPop- Watch videos under Math- Geometry & Measurement: Customary Units & Metric Units

Study Island: Assignment “Unit of Measurement” Goal is 80% on practice 

IXL: Z: Unit of Measure (continue working on 1-24)

Khan Academy: Converting Units of Measure https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-fifth-grade-math/imp-measurement-and-data-3/converting-units-of-time/v/minutes-to-hours

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