Resolution for TCUSD | Tuba City Unified School District #15

Resolution for TCUSD

Hello Faculty and Staff,

Last night, the Governing Board had a special board meeting to approve the Resolution for Tuba City Unified School District will adhere to in the best interest of our community during the COVID-19 outbreak. At this time we have followed the recommendation of Department of Dine Education and the Navajo Nation to close our schools until April 3, 2020. Per the resolution the following requirements are set in place starting today.

· In order to minimize the spread of the pandemic only essential personnel will be allowed at school sites. Essential staff includes administrators, directors, secretaries, custodians, security and maintenance workers. All other staff must refrain from entering school buildings as we work to disinfect our facilities.

· All buildings will be formally locked down Thursday afternoon. However, the district office may remain open.

· TCUSD will continue to pay its employees (certified and classified) while assigned to work from home for the time period of the school closure.

· All employees will be assigned work by their supervisors to do at home. All employees shall remain on call and available to report to work, with other duties as assigned.

· Instructional lessons and targeted extended educational opportunities through homework packets or online supplements will be provided to our students.

Many of our faculty and staff have traveled over the holiday. It is critical for people whom have traveled out of state or to “hot spots” to self-quarantine to ensure that they have not contracted the virus and that they do not transmit the virus to our community. Please be aware that the community is becoming fearful of people whom have traveled. Please also be aware that the implementation of restrictions to our schools and facilities is the recommendation from the County Health Department, or medical community, the Governor’s Office and the State Superintendent. These are preventative actions to ensure our community is safe during this pandemic.

More information will be communicated to you as this event progresses. Please help us through these challenging time by caring for your family and loved ones and taking care of your neighbors. Also understand that these closures could possibly be extended. Your flexibility and adaptability is appreciated.

Thank you,

Dr. Risha VanderWey
Tuba City Unified School District #15

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