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CC839 Human Resource Director

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Under the supervision of the Superintendent and in cooperation with other District administrators, the Director of Human Resources is responsible for providing comprehensive personnel, employee, labor relations, and administrative services to staff and for responding to the emerging need for human resources development.


  • Coordinates hiring of professional employees with Superintendent. Coordinates hiring of support staff with other management personnel; cafeteria, custodial/maintenance, secretarial, instructional and non­ instructional aides, etc. Assists in the coordination of the hiring of administrators, supervisors, and athletic and non-athletic supplemental positions. Coordinates the process of employee resignations, termination, and leaves.
  • Coordinates the Workers’ Compensation Program.
  • Manages benefits administration, including the District’s health, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance benefit plans for all employees.
  • Processes recommendations for the discipline and/or termination of employees, assembling substantiating information, and arranging and conducting, as needed, conferences and hearings.
  • Manages grievances and cases which result in arbitration and mediation.
  • Assists in the collection of data used in contract negotiations, including, but not limited to, wage and fringe benefit comparisons and comparative contract language.
  • Coordinates contract administration with employee classifications.
  • Maintains up-to-date District Policy and Procedure Manuals.
  • Supervises the District’s substitute teacher system.
  • Places advertisements, prepares mailings, and solicits applications for job openings via electronic and other means.
  • Assists in screening and reviewing job applications and identifies candidates. Schedules and conducts interviews.
  • Receives and responds to job inquiries.
  • Develops and maintains a system of personnel records for all school employees in order to provide a comprehensive, efficient, accurate and current record of all matters pertinent to employment, transfer, tenure, retirement, leaves, promotion, discipline, demotion, etc. Maintains an updated file of job descriptions and distributes them for announced job openings.
  • Conducts benefit reviews, monitors sick leave bank, and certifies employee classifications and salaries.
  • Monitors professional certifications and coordinates the processing of state credentials for professional employees.
  • Organizes a corps of substitute employees.
  • Monitors and evaluates problems, conditions and needs of the Human Resources Department.
  • Develops the process and format for district staff evaluations.
  • Coordinates federal and state employee surveys and reports (i.e. Equal Opportunity Employment, salary surveys, etc.)
  • Conducts exit interviews of personnel.
  • Manages compliance issues including, but not limited to, Title IX, Section 504, Right to Know, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment, etc.
  • Attends School Board meetings and serves to actively improve communication, cooperation, and planning in the District.
  • Processes conference and workshop requests for support staff.
  • Coordinates agendas for Labor Management Relations meetings (As Applicable).
  • Manages the Workplace Safety Committee and District Emergency Management Plan, in cooperation with other administrators.
  • Coordinates staff development for support staff.
  • Facilitates the District Related Committees by establishing meeting dates, creating agendas, and summarizing meeting outcomes (As Applicable).
  • Assists in the facilitation of Athletic Council meetings, setting meeting dates, creating agendas, and summarizing meeting outcomes.
  • Prepares and plans for various programs including recognition awards, and the retirement banquet for district personnel.
  • Serves as a member of the District’s Emergency Management Plan Team.
  • Ensures proper adherence to District policy and procedures, and ensures proper adherence to applicable contract language that is in effect for the District.
  • Serves as Compliance Officer for Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.


  • Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with staff, business associates, and general community.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks and prioritize appropriately.
  • Ability to recognize areas of concern relating to human resources issues and propose or recommend appropriate solutions to problems.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to exercise initiative and make independent decisions to reschedule work to meet deadlines or to effectively handle emergency work.


Requirements for the position include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Business Administration or Human Resources.
  • Five (5) years’ experience in management.
  • Knowledgeable about contract negotiations, labor unions, federal/state/tribal regulations, and data technology coordination.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and application of effective human resources principles, practices and trends is a plus but not a determining factor in selection.
  • Executive Core Qualifications, including the ability to lead change and lead people, the ability to meet District goals with a focus on results, the possession of business acumen, and the ability to build coalitions. Must be able to lead and manage, and to ensure that targeted goals and initiatives are achieved.
  • Ability to enhance overall educational programs and services for all students by building capacity and consistency for effective change and sustainability.
  • Ability to increase capacity, accountability, and efficiency for improved effectiveness among administrative, professional, classified, certified personnel and other district related personnel.
  • Ability to enhance communication, critical thinking skills, and collaboration among administrative, professional personnel and other district related personnel.
  • Ability to promote team-building and shared responsibilities among administrative, professional personnel and other district related personnel.
  • Ability to perform the above responsibilities at a high level.


Superintendent of Schools


 Physical Demands:

  • Occasional travel to School and Department offices, buildings, classroom and grounds.
  • Often sitting for extended periods. Standing for periods of time.
  • Moderate lifting from 15-30 pounds. Some moving of various items – up to 30 pounds.
  • Manual dexterity to use office equipment.
  • Repetitive operation of computer keyboard.

Sensory Abilities:

  • Ability to communicate effectively in all aspects of the job.

Work Environment:

  • Generally, office setting year round.


  • Ability to work as a leader; coordinator and a member of a team.
  • Must be courteous and able to effectively manage job responsibilities.
  • Must be cooperative, congenial, service oriented, and promote these qualities.
  • Ability to work in an environment with frequent interruptions.
  • Ability to be respectful and empathetic.

Workplace Expectations:

  • Ability to follow directions and give direction to others.
  • Ability to create and delegate assignments.
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks without supervision.
  • Ability to communicate, comprehends, and performs complex computations.
  • Ability to use correct grammar, sentence structure and spelling. Ability to compose clear, concise sentences and paragraphs.
  • Ability to organize office setting to efficiently accomplish tasks. Ability to multitask.
  • Ability to work independently and make work-related decisions.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment in prioritizing tasks.
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all organizational levels.
  • Ability to operate office equipment.
  • Ability to use computer technology efficiently including word processing, presentation/webpage software, PowerPoint and Excel software applications.
  • Ability to appropriately handle confidential information in accordance with District policies.
  • Ability to use technology for group meetings, presentations (i.e. overhead, document camera, projector and video equipment).

Driver’s License:

  • Must have a valid driver’s license.


  • Must have valid Arizona Department of Public Safety IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card. Must pass a preliminary background check by the District.


  • Twelve-month work year. Salary and benefits shall be in accordance with the District Policy.


  • Performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent in accordance with the provisions of District Policy and Administrator Contract

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