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CC624 HVAC Maintenance Worker

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  • High School diploma or its equivalent.
  • Ability to perform vigorous work in all types of weather
  • Demonstrate aptitude or competence for assigned responsibilities
  • Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable

REPORTS TO: Maintenance Supervisor   TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: 12 months; 7:30AM-4:30PM (Overtime pay or compensary time after regular hours of work performed with approval of Maintenance Supervisor.)


To help maintain the physical school plant in a condition of operating excellence so that full educational use of it may be made at all times.


  • Operate, maintain and repair two high pressure 400 HP fire tube boilers to produce and maintain steam at constant pressure.  Operate and repair auxiliary equipment such as vacuum pumps, fuel oil pumps, gas regulators, air compressors, refrigerated dryers, feed water pumps, de-aerator tank, draft fans, control air compressors, feed water regulators, pressure controls and safety controls.
  • The incumbent makes extensive repairs to the above such as electrodes, solenoids, switches, pressuretrols, thermostats, and rheostats.  Repair and replace water regulators, oil and air supplies and controls, alarms, safety devices and blower motors, repack the stuffing box, replace defective gaskets, diaphragms and bellows.
  • When repairs are completed – set, adjust and test the after inspection, make repairs to the refractory and other needed repairs to bring the boilers up to safety standards.
  • Make hydrostatic tests to ensure stability of the boilers, then place the boiler back in service.  Blow down boilers each shift, or as proper amount of phosphates, caustic, tanning to maintain proper readings.
  • Also responsible for keeping all equipment areas clean. Perform preventative maintenance repairs on equipment and record inspections and repairs that were performed as required by the TCPS Preventative Maintenance Program.
  • Operates one 350 ton air conditioning chiller unit and provide maintenance as required.  Check temperature sensing points and adjust control; start, regulate, stop air handling equipment, reset temperature controls and steam spray valves for humidity controls; log gauge readings; test water in cooling tower and record results if water condition tests.
  • This includes air handlers which consist of a chill water coil, a heating coil, humidifier and numerous fans and electric motors ranging from one horsepower to 30 horsepower, reheat water converters, chill water pumps, condenser water pumps and condenser water tower and fan.
  • Inspect filters in the air handlers and replace when necessary.  This is accomplished by use of a manometer which shows the pressure drop on each side of the filters, also check all fan belts for excessive wear, alignment , proper tension and replace when necessary.
  • Adjust dampers both manual and pneumatic to accomplish the proper mixing of outside fresh air and return air.  Check alignment of large handler fans, shafts and bearings, balance fans, shafts and thermostat and pneumatic three-way mixing valve.
  • Dismantle, repair and reassemble pumps, impellers and compressors, fit connecting rods, crank shafts, piston rings, bearings and bushings, overhaul valves, replace gaskets, springs, floats, diaphragms, seals, couplings and align motors.  Responsible for testing closed chill water system, reheat water system, condenser system and water tower system.  Add proper chemicals to maintain a clean and corrosive free system.
  • Maintain and repair all steam lines, both high and low pressure, install and modify, repairs new and existing high pressure piping systems and equipment such as steam heating, expansion tanks, condensate pumps, circulating pumps and radiators.  Overhaul steam cooker heaters, dishwashers, pressure reducing valves, steam traps, steam strainers, pneumatic steam valves, electrically operated valves, hot water mixing station, return water pumps, and hot water heating systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining neat appearance of the boiler room by keeping floors clean, all equipment surfaces clean painted as well as all auxiliary equipment in boiler rooms.
  • Maintain graphs and charts on fuel and water converted to steam.  Responsible for recording pressure on liquid oxygen station.  Record LP gas tank readings.  Report the need of gas and fuel to supervisor.
  • Miscellaneous duties and call backs,  The incumbent is subject to be called back to duty in case of emergencies related to buildings, utilities or equipment of units.  The work involved in these emergency situations many be work within the the trades of electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning.


Physical effort is expended in continually standing, walking, stooping, bending, kneeling, climbing and working in small or cramped quarters.  Frequently carries, lifts, pulls or pushes parts and equipment weighing up to and at times beyond 50 pounds.  Work is sometimes on ladders and/or scaffolds which requires incumbent to work in opening of valves, overhead in climbing and working prone or stooped position, working inside boilers, subject to ash and dust conditions.


Receives oral and/or written work orders, building plans and blueprints from supervisor.  Incumbent determines the type of materials, tolls to complete assignments and makes substitutes of such on his own initiative.  Supervisor checks incumbent’s overall completed work to ensure that the finished product meets instructions, established policies and practices of the trade.  Supervisor is available for emergency type problems encountered.


Subject to heat hazzards and boiler bursts, scalding water and steam burns, flare back of combustion flames, electrical shock, toxic amounts of gas fumes and caustic or other chemical burns.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated twice a year in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel.

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