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ALICE Training

Good afternoon.  As of August 27, 2019, we still have approximately 76 staff members who have yet to complete there ALICE E-Learning Module.  The deadline to complete this training was on August 23, 2019.  If you have yet to complete your course, please do so at your earliest convenience.   Once again, if you are having trouble logging in, please let myself or Sandy Roe know.  Thank you, and have a great day! 
Thank You,
David M. Klein
TCUSD #15 Security Supervisor
Security Cell:  928-679-0148
Personal Cell:  928-522-4432
Office Phone:  928-283-1053
From the Webmaster…
A new link has been placed in the login section of the staff dashboard.  You will be able to login to ALICE Training or reset passwords from the ALICE website.

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